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Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
: in the 1930s and 40s only a few hard core skiers knew about a mayse called squaw valley. a pristine wilderness near lake tahoe. in 1946 a young mustered out gi named cushi th-rbgs g visited the place with his wife. his friends wouldn't let him go home he says because they needed four people to play bridge. while the others went skiing, cushing sat and looked at the valley. >> i sort of thought to myself, gosh suppose you could live out here or something like this. a beautiful valley that it is. subject to think about. i'm a city boy i was in the city. and there was a first time i ever came here. and simply because i had to be the fourth at bridge. >> reporter: today at the age of 88. adam cushing can look out his window at the ski resort he built from scratch. a very advance lift network, swimming pools, bars and restaurants at both the top and bottom of the restaurant. tennis courts, an ice rink, a ski school with 300 instructors, in short a recreational empire. but back in 1946 when cushing mentioned to his wife justine the idea of starting a ski resort. she thought he was crazy. still he ke
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
man who came first and carved his vast rangeland out of the wilderness saw himself facing destruction as the homesteaders settled on his range, fencing him off from the grass and the water. the homesteader had many names in the west-- squatter, nester, and sometimes, with truth, rustler. the cattlemen struck back, fast and hard. ♪ ( dog barking ) what are you doin' here, nicky? ( barking continues ) mom? mom! mom, what happened? what's the matter? oh-- they-- ( sobs ) oh, homer. ma, where's pa? ma, what happened? ( nicky barks ) homer! hey! hey, hold up there! homer? what do you think you're doing? that's our cow. i know it is, son. it's got our brand on her. can't you read it? what have you done with my pa? where is he? where's my pa? have you done anything to him? what's goin' on? tell me! why don't you go look after your mother, son? your pa would want that. ♪ ma? ma, that was judge garth's foreman. what are they doin' to pa? i'm no thief. that's the last time i'm gonna say it. you're murderers. every last one of you-- murderers. major: you say that cow of yours over there is t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2